Friday, July 21, 2017

This story of teens watching a man drown is depressing as hell...

We get stories like this occasionally. Teens with a completely cold reaction to life and death situations, showing no empathy or compassion. It is often a failure of parenting and culture when this occurs, but it is also not universal. There have always been individuals like this. In a culture where people carry cell phones and document moments in their lives, we just see it more often.


  1. Made all the more depressing that because they are teenagers, and considered not to know any better; no criminal complaint would be lodged. And I'm ok with that in a just society, but also in a just society; those teenagers would be denied social welfare for the rest of their lives.

    1. It is not because they are teenagers. I am pretty sure you have no duty to rescue someone or to call assistance if someone is drowning.

      I know that varies from state to state (Alaska I believe requires you to give road side assistance or call the State Patrol in winter weather). As part of a Coast Guard license, you are obligated to offer assistance to a disabled ship or passenger in the water.

      I concur, about the social contract.


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