Friday, July 14, 2017

Jody Allard: Accused of Abandoning Animals and Psychologically Abusing Her Own Male Children Update: Jody Allard's son applies for job with Ben Shapiro?

Consistent with her character: Ripoff Report: Jody Allard accused of serially abandoning animals she adopts

More disturbingly, it is not just animals she allegedly abuses. Some mothers go nuts and murder their families while they sleep. Others inflict harm more slowly.  

And what the heck is going on in Washington State? Jody Allard, Evergreen State College Craziness, 14 year olds resisting arrest. It is almost like it is trying to be the Florida of the Northwest.  

Instapundit: Jody Allard doubles downJody Allard: Feminist Monster Mom, Media Based Child AbuseMaternal Op-Ed RapeMore on the Outrage at Evergreen, and I hope it was for a lot

Shot In The Dark: I’m Done Pretending To Call This Sort Of Feminism Anything Other Than Child Abuse

Birds of a feather...

AoSHQ: So obsessed with racism, they become what they supposedly oppose
Instapundit: PJ Media: Jody Allard's fresh new hell... (I wish her boys the best, which will probably mean moving out as soon as possible from home).

Rush Limbaugh: Jody Allard's son applies for job with Ben Shapiro

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