Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Ongoing Cultural Revolution at The Evergreen State College

This insanity with language was predicted long ago by a few voices, now we are seeing the chickens come home to roost. Watch the whole thing.

It's the underlying hysteria single mindedness that's so chilling. Granted it is a tiny microcosm at TESC, but isn't this same sort of thinking that ultimately led to horrors of the French Revolution, under almost all Communist regimes, and of course with militant Imperial Japan and the Third Reich during WWII? These students want to "weed out" those they disagree with.

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  1. There are few state funded colleges in Washington state. I see no reason why this college should be one of them. Alas, this is Washington state's problem. I don't see any of these kids getting a decent job outside of the state, not one that would pay their student loans.

    1. It is popular with wack-a-doo progressives, so if you want a life that involves being a wack-a-doo it is a good place to go.


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