Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The media gets excited over van attack in London, but ignores an illegal alien killing a Muslim girl in Virginia: Why?

Legal Insurrection: Road Rage, not Hate Crime
He didn't hate Muslims, apparently, he just hates teenage pedestrian girls who get in his way...

Meanwhile the media is obsessed about a British white guy who plowed his van into a group of Muslims leaving a mosque in London.  Which appears to be a reverse copy cat crime of the attack that occurred about a week before in London. He is facing terrorism charges (as well as a host of other charges I am sure). 

Conservative Tree House: One of President Obama's unaccompanied illegal aliens kills an American Muslim girl

Of course we know why the media does what it does. The Virginia attack does not fit the media's carefully crafted narrative and expectations about illegal immigrants. The London attack bolsters the media's own biases about white rage.

Aren't both attacks bad and news worthy?

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  1. Well it is pretty obvious. Only white people can truly commit terrorism. Everything else is just a misunderstood youth that grew up in poverty ostensibly caused by white people; therefore only white people can truly commit terrorism. Besides, if the muslim girl wasn't wearing her hijab, she had it coming, no? Welcome to the Progressive 21st Century, is it all you hoped it would be?

  2. The inherent racism of the media may also have something to do with it.


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