Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Republican Karen Handel wins in Georgia, Democrat Jon Ossoff Loses

AoSHQ: Republicans Win

Powerline: After Last Night

Hot Air: Republican Karen Handel Wins

Lem's Place: Hillary Clinton intercepted email

Don Surber: Dems Lose Trump Referendum, Twice

Twitchy: Takes on Handel win and Alyssa Milano Sad

Legal Insurrection: Democrats incapable from learning from loss

WFB: Walking from Ossoff's house to GA-6 and Dems Choke in GA-6 Election

Vox: Why Jon Ossoff's loss is a bad sign (for Democrats) for the 2018 Mid Term Elections

EBL: Democrat Jon Ossoff chickens out of debate with Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff fails to win Special Election in Georgia

Rush Limbaugh: Handel had no chance?, Maddow blames it on the weather, Rush's Pajama Boy Prediction Comes True, Don't tell Hillary a woman just beat a man (man may be too strong a word for Jon Ossoff), Why are drivebys not into Jon Ossoff anymore?

Wombat: BattleSwarm: Ossoff Defeat Reaction Roundup, Joe For America: OSSOFF LOSES! California, New York Throw $25 Million Into Georgia Dumpster Fire, This Ain’t Hell: Georgia Can’t Be Bought – A Sweet, Sweet Victory, Mark Steyn: Deep-State Dinner Theatre

DaTechGuy: For Pro-Dem Operatives GA-6 was Mission Accomplished!

TOM: GA-6: The Big Short and Further thoughts on the Big Short

WFB: The Witches of The View don't handle loss very well

AmPowBlog: Winning!

The Lid: Blame Pelosi

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