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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Alyssa Milano's Sad Summer Day

On the bright side, Alyssa seems a little better now than when Ossoff ended up not prevailing in the primary (having to go to a run off):

EBL: Democrat Jon Ossoff chickens out of debate with Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff fails to win Special Election in Georgia

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Instapundit: Bitter Tears III, 10 Most hysterical responses to Karen Handel's win in GA-6Democrats seething, Bitter Tears II, Stacy McCain: 1000 words and one pictureFailure captured in a single tweetThings getting worst for DemocratsDemocrats LosingDelicious Bitter TearsPJ MediaFive TakeawaysFancy Nancy was a drag on Ossoff, Yuge win for Trump, Georgia kicks Oss, Roger Simon: Hollywood YUUUGE Loser in GA-6, Jonah Goldberg: Great win kid, but don't get cocky, Napkin Math, Handel wins Georgia 6, Nail Biter

Wombat: BattleSwarm: Ossoff Defeat Reaction Roundup, Joe For America: OSSOFF LOSES! California, New York Throw $25 Million Into Georgia Dumpster Fire, This Ain’t Hell: Georgia Can’t Be Bought – A Sweet, Sweet Victory, Mark Steyn: Deep-State Dinner Theatre

Rush Limbaugh: Handel had no chance?Maddow blames it on the weatherRush's Pajama Boy Prediction Comes TrueDon't tell Hillary a woman just beat a man (man may be too strong a word for Jon Ossoff), Why are drivebys not into Jon Ossoff anymore?

AoSHQ: Democrat excuse making and blame and  Morning Report: Republicans Handle the Great White Dope

DaTechGuy: For Pro-Dem Operatives GA-6 was Mission Accomplished!

TOM: GA-6: The Big Short and Further thoughts on the Big Short

Don Surber: Democrats Hold Referendum on Trump, Lose Twice

Legal Insurrection: Morning Joe: Unmitigated Disaster for Dems

WFB: The Witches of The View don't handle loss very well

Newsbusters: Maddow blames the weather on this loss

Lem's Place: Hillary's Intercepted Email

Twitchy: Sally Kohn Hard Left!

AmPowBlog: Winning!

The Lid: Blame Pelosi

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  1. The damned Russians did it again!

  2. Apparently, all those karate lessons and all the time at the automatic weapons range with Papa Ahnold just didn't take.

    Or maybe Captain Bennett "subverted" her.

  3. Funny that... you post about Alyssa Milano; and now your Google Ads are trying to get me to donate to Planned Parenthood. Usually the Google Ads are alternating between getting me to date Asians or Russians, which I think has to do with a few of your rule 5's.

  4. She really should consider looking after her own finance rather than worrying about the rest of us.

  5. They're crying because those mean Republicans are going to make it so much harder to kill their babies.


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