Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mr. President: Hire Newt Gingrich as your Chief of Staff

Mr. President:  You have a lot of enemies (most disappointingly on the GOP side) and I agree you need to fight back and fight back hard. But you need a team behind you to fight with you. You are flailing around and hurting yourself. Get back on your agenda.

While firing Comey was right decision, you inflicted a lot of harm on yourself in the way you did it. You ended up alienating the FBI, getting a special counsel appointed, and emboldening the Democrats and NeverTrumpers. You are smarter than this.

The suggestion of Newt Gingrich as Chief of Staff has been discussed widely since you won. I know Newt is a pain in the ass, but he would make a hell of a Chief of Staff. Newt is not perfect, but he knows Washington and would be a far more effective than Reince Priebus. You need strong men and women around you, not these craven disloyal "yes" sycophants, who when out of sight end up leaking to the Washington Post and New York Times.

You should also take TOM's advice and hire Bill Sammon.  
Could a special prosecutor benefit Trump?  There is a reason Obama never had one (even though it was way more justified given what shenanigans went on with the Obama Administration), he knew how dangerous it was.

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