Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hindenburg Disaster: May 6, 1937

Flying over New York just before the crash in Lakehurst, NJ

EBL: I am hopping this like this and this don't blow up for the right, why we need to fight on!

The Virginian: This is a pretty darn good speech by Dinesh D'Souza Watch the whole thing!

Bruce Mozert who photographed the Hindenburg disaster went on to do photos like these

Instapundit: Roger Simon: They said if I voted for Trump, segregation would return to America (and they were right) and the Placebo politics of health care (hint: we need to keep fighting)

EBL: Legends of Rock and Roll: Led Zeppelin and the Mud Shark

Heavy: Led Zeppelin Reunion: Five Facts You Need To Know

Proof Positive: Friday Night! and Vintage Babe

90 Miles from Tyranny: Morning!

Woodsterman:  Oil Soccer!

Lem's Place: Ramble On

Goodstuffs: #291


  1. Suppose, just suppose, that the dirigiste government in Paris goes down like dirigeables plomb.

    1. I looked up Bruce Mozert because the photos looked familiar. Sure enough, they were shot at Silver Springs, FLA.


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