Tuesday, May 2, 2017

About that spending bill "compromise"...

The "sheep" by the way are the taxpaying voters...

Disaster. Not only Paul Ryan is to blame. So is Mitch McConnell and also President Trump (the President should not sign it).  This sort of thing cannot be allowed to stand. You cannot give Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer ultimate veto on the budget and pretend the GOP has no culpability.  

So about blaming it on the Senate getting sixty votes: Why not vote a better budget through the House and let Schumer vote to block your budget down in the Senate and when the shut down happens explain why they did. Alternatively, get rid of the 60 vote rule. The GOP Establishment fears getting rid of the filibuster, but you are going to lose your majority anyway with more of this nonsense. You might as well try to get something done while you have the power. If you really believe in fiscal restraint and conservative principles, act like it.  

Instead Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are going on a victory tour.   

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  1. I like Trump, but on many issues, he has supported Democrats, and spending is one of those issues.

  2. This is only good until September. As Lem noted, this may well be a trap and the Lefties (all of them) have fallen into it.

    We'll see.

    1. I hope you are right...but it is still troubling. I recognize Trump is trying to accomplish things and cannot fight everyone right now, but I have little faith in Paul Ryan and only slightly more in McConnell (only because he got Gorsuch through).

    2. I have no faith in McConnell. Getting Gorsuch through is simply an outlier. The GOPe are simply RINOs.


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