Monday, May 22, 2017

'Curtains' Comey and the rest of the story...

US Defense Watch's inside story on how Donald Trump dropped the hammer on James Comey?

The article above is well worth reading, even though I doubt parts of it. In terms of Jim Comey's snakey rise to power, yeah, he's been a go to guy for the Clintons. When given a chance, Comey screws Republicans, which is why Obama picked him for FBI Director.  

As far as Trump timing the Comey firing the way he did, yes he wanted his deputy AG in place. But can the Attorney General (or his assistant) seize and secure FBI files involving (in part) an investigation by the Trump Administration by waiting till the Director was out of town (without a court order). The answer to that is probably not. Did the Trump Administration do something else procedurally to protect the records?  While I hope so, I haven't seen it mentioned or referenced.  

I do not see how the messaging following the Comey firing helped Trump. Perhaps I missed the nuance of that. While it arguably gives him some cover for the short term, did Trump really want Robert Mueller (a friend of Comey) appointed as Special Counsel? That seems a stretch.  

While I am skeptical of US Defense Watch's take (in part), it has some interesting stuff. There is definitely more to this story on Curtains Comey

Lem's Place: Democrats are downplaying Russian collusion (could it be due to lack of any collusion)

Daily Caller/Larry Kulow: Don't bet against health care and tax reform (good)

90 Miles from Tyranny: Pièce of shit de ré·sis·tance

All we can hope for is that the real truth comes out (hint, the nasty probably isn't Trump):

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