Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Self described 'Feminist Mom' freaks when 3 year old boy acts like a boy...

As Milo Yiannopoulos and Steven Crowder report, Leah McLaren a self described "feminist mom" claims her three year old son is "too gendered" so she is going to enroll him in ballet. First of all, isn't Ms. McLaren being a bit of a troglodyte to assume that the cure to being "too gendered" is ballet?  I am not even sure what the term "too gendered" means, other than this woman thinks a boy acting like a boy is a bad thing.  Some people shouldn't be parents.

Fortunately, ballet won't hurt this kid (can't say the same for the impact mom might have over him in the long run). Serious male ballet dancers end up being very fit and it is a world that, for the straight guy, is "target rich" as they say. Even if chain smoking waif dancing partners don't do it for him (which is what many ballerinas are), there are lots of attractive women fans who are really into male ballet dancers.
Ballet is fine, but avoid too much vodka...

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