Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Matzo Balls: Do you like sinkers or floaters?

There are plenty of matzo ball recipes out there, but this one from Serious Eats is easy and gives options for sinkers and floaters.

A couple of important thing though: if you use canola oil you fail out of the gates. Schmaltz is the only acceptable fat for matzo ball soup (I guess if you are not Jewish you could try lard as an alternative, but it would be something else, not traditional matzo ball soup). It might be hard to find chicken fat this week, but a fat chicken might have enough fat to make a few servings of matzo balls. Duck fat would work, but while delicious, it is really not traditional for this dish. I would also use a home made clear chicken stock (both to boil the matzos and then to serve separately with the cooked balls).

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