Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fly the Friendly Skies of United

Airlines need to remember...most of us do not care for the way we are treated when we fly. With the cramp seating, most people are already on edge. Granted, the margins are thin and flights get over booked. But this was a series of events that could have been completely avoided if United raised the amount it was offering to passengers to voluntarily skip that flight (flight was not even overbooked).

Instapundit: The Flight was not Overbooked (so United had not right to eject passengers), United: Come for bloody assault and stay for the DoxxingUnited's Public Relations Disaster, United digs its hole deeper, Friendly Skies?  Kicking and ScreamingCongressional Grandstanding,

Twitchy: United not overbooked?Rather than focus on United and its security/bumping protocols some reporters want to attack the victim and  Ashley Judd confused as usual,

AoSHQ: Man dragged off United flight because it was 'overbooked' (actually because United needed to get a crew to a different airport) and So Sorry and Media Grilling

Market Watch:  United Airlines stock plunges

Hot Air: United Apologizes 

Rush Limbaugh: Why the Media loves the United story and What you don't know

Diogenes' Middle Finger: United's new seating arrangements

National Review: Even First Class is no safe haven

We all long for the past...

Instapundit: Miracle of Miracles! In a divided country, everyone hates United!

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