Saturday, April 22, 2017

American Airlines Thug Flight Attendant

Daily Mail: American Airlines employee challenges passenger to fight, makes mom cry

A point of clarification. We cannot see the events leading up to this interaction. Let's assume the mom was improperly stowing a stroller and the flight attendant accidentally hit her when he was trying to remove it from the over head.  I doubt he would have intentionally hit her, although he might have been brusque (we don't know, since we did not see it).  

But obviously the exchange outraged those who witnessed it.  Even if their perception was wrong, it is critical the flight crew deescalate the event. The passenger was not being violent, he asked for the crew member's name so he could report the incident. This American Airlines employee instead taunts the passenger who stands up for her to strike him.  Had the passenger done so, the he would have undoubtably been arrested and facing federal charges. We do not need this crap from the flight crew. Sorry, but this flight attendant was so unprofessional and that he should be fired.  

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