Thursday, March 9, 2017

Why does misogynist and asshat Dan Savage hate Melania Trump so much?


  1. Go read the quotes the writer gives on the LGBT blog for why that community dislikes Dan Savage.

    It's scary to admit, because I think Savage is a vile human being, but nearly everything he says in those quotes is reasonable.

    Very interesting.

    1. Savage does say things that are reasonable (at times). And Savage, like most lefties, suffers from terminal self-righteousness and (now with this election) acute Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  2. He was invited (by idiot school administrators and organization functionaries) to provide a key-note address to a conference of high school yearbook and newspaper editors. At this event, he gratuitously insults evangelical students in attendance. He hates Melania for much the same reason as he hates 17 year old evangelicals on the yearbook staff: malice is part of his default setting. Might as well ask why a scorpion stings.

    Some homosexuals who've heard of him can see this and react against it. Mostly, he's a(n) intensified manifestation of his (sub)culture and his prevalence tells you something the bien-pensants in this country will not acknowledge.

  3. He wants attention no matter how disgusting he has to be to get it or who he hurts. Do not give this silly person any more attention.


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