Thursday, March 30, 2017

Powerline: Let's Bring Back The Filibuster!

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington: Note how Jimmy Stewart gets around the corrupt media...

Steven Hayward at Powerline has a good point: 
Question: Will Senate Democrats who are up for re-electiojn next year from the states Trump won, like Joe Manchin and Heidi Heitkamp and Claire McCaskill, really want to stop all Senate business to please their rabid base? How may Senate seats do Democrats want to lose next year? And as extended filibuster by the likes of Al Franken and Dianne Feinstein will simply expose their foolishness to more Americans. 
Bring it on. (Add a further possible twist of the knife. McConnell could engineer a short recess of the Senate, during which time Trump could make a recess appointment to the Court on the argument that the Court needs its full bench to decide pressing cases. Liberals would howl at the moon. Rinse and repeat until the Democrats get over it and allow Gorsuch to be confirmed.)

Of course Mr. Smith Goes To Washington is a complete fantasy.  As if a corrupt old coot like Claude Rains' character Senator Joseph Paine would ever admit he did anything wrong. Still it is a great movie and I do love it.  

Frank Capra with the actors

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