Thursday, March 30, 2017

Helen Pluckrose is losing her "religion"...

Helen Pluckrose is an atheist classical liberal. I give her credit for recognizing how toxic feminism has become.  Except for Camille Paglia (who correctly describes current feminism as 'drearily puritanical' and authoritarian), I do not hear a lot of women bucking feminism on the left. 

The trend (in the wrong direction) goes well beyond radical feminism (which has coopted and taken over the concept of feminism as gender equality and turned it into rabid hatred of things male). There used to be a time when the term "liberal" was referring to classical liberalism. It is classical liberal ideas that allowed Western Civilization to flourish (and it is the adoption of those ideals by other cultures that have contributed to their growth and prosperity too). How far we have fallen.  

If you want to be atheist that is your business. I support people believing whatever they want. Of course, with the rejection of traditional faiths, religion did not go away. Christianity and Judaism in the West have been replaced with a pantheist mix of Gaiaism, Patriarch hatred, New Ageism, and generally sloppy thinking. Sorry, we are defenitely not better off as a society.

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