Thursday, March 2, 2017

Moonlight (A Review)

If you are into a movie involving a tortured gay black boy who grows into a troubled man, this is the film for you. The performances by the actors were excellent (and I can see how Mahershala Ali won best supporting actor--because he steals the scenes he is in) but the movie is mostly depressing as hell and unbearably slow to boot. At least Brokeback Mountain had a story arc. Moonlight managed to be more depressing than Manchester By The Sea (and that is saying a lot). Like Manchester, it has significant writing flaws.

Why did this movie win over La La Land (ok, I recognize it has its flaws too)? Think of the preening smug douchebags who constitute most Academy voters--a chance to vote for a black gay film that is depressing?  Be still their hearts!

Actually the best movies of 2017 were Hell or High Water and Hacksaw Ridge. Neither had a chance.

AoSHQ: The New Yorker: Are we living in a computer simulation that has gone horribly wrong?

Heat Street: Why Moonlight won and La La Land Lost

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  1. If I was into that kind of stuff; I'd stop occasionally during my daily commute and hang out in the section 8 housing subdivisions just off the highway. Then again, if I did that, I'd probably be approached by a troubled black woman who will be happy to play a tortured lesbian, gay, or whatever for some money. As I'm not into that stuff; I'll just keep my money in my pocket and just drive on home.


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