Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hell or High Water: A Review

This movie was one of the more pleasant surprises this movie season. Hell or High Water is a very good film.  While not a box office block buster (although it made money), I suspect it will be a classic on television rotation for years to come. Chris Pine, Ben Foster, and Jeff Bridges do a great job. The writing and direction are excellent.

If there was any justice it would win a few Oscars.

Hollywood Reporter: Paglia says grandeur of old Hollywood is gone So is the glamour.  Hard to maintain grandeur and glamour that with stupid stunts that have happened at recent Oscar events. I doubt I will even watch it. If something significant happens, it will be available later on.

Smitty: @DavidBenkof: Disagreement!= *Phobia


  1. Ok, with the free HBO/Cinemax weekend, I didn't watch Girls. I did however record several movies for which I wouldn't directly pay money to watch, but that I still was interested in seeing. This included Legend of Tarzan, Hail Caesar, Ted 2, and Mad Max Fury Road (I would be willing to pay to see Fury Road, but generally the genre, err sub-genre, isn't high on my list). I say that to say this, I would probably watch Hell or High Water in such a circumstance. I watched the trailer, and I barely made it through the 2 minutes of bad faked Texas accent. It looks like it might be enjoyable as a story, but when I have time and don't need to spend the money.

    1. It was just a basic western theme crime story--the writing and acting (I thought) was solid (although I get how bad accents can screw things up for you).


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