Friday, March 31, 2017


Instapundit: Mr. President, All you have to say is "You're Fired!

Why hasn't this happened yet? I can't believe Trump's team forgot. What is the plan for getting rid of Koskinen? He is probably the most corrupt IRS Commissioner ever. Doesn't it take just President Trump saying "You're Fired"?

Tax Professor Blog: IRS Bias and Scandals still continuingthe hidden cause, Satan, Tea Parties, and the IRS, and Why is the White House Mum on Koskinen?

Patheos: Dear President Trump, please tell the scandal plagued IRS commish, "You're Fired!" Hey, I am all for giving up Koskinen for Lent!  

Rush Limbaugh: Who Koskinen really is and the arrogance of the Obama Regime

Powerline: Fox NewsDemocrat Leakers Have Been Identified?

Legal Insurrection: Just an accident, EPA?

AoSHQ: 2020 Race for the White House

Powerline: Schumer is flailing around

Friday Fiction: Smitty/Darleen

Daily Caller: Of course, you realize, this means war!

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