Friday, March 31, 2017

Bjørn Lomborg: Paris Climate Treaty Is A Paper Tiger

President Trump is wise to reverse this. We should get out of it all together. It is bad for the United States and does nothing to for its purported climate change goals. It is the worse sort of posturing. That Obama did this as he was literally going out the door show what a sham it is.  

While there will undoubtably be wailing and gnashing of teeth from the usual suspects, I am guessing Trump is not that worried. I am less concerned with UN and EU bureaucrats and celebrity posers than I am with regular US Citizens impacted by this nonsense.  

Mark Steyn: The Vertigo at the Top of the Stick. Now if you want to really make someone suffer, drag them into the DC Circuit.  The case will drag on forever and nothing will be resolved.  

Instapundit: Trump reverses Obama's climate change legacy, which is really just a big fraud

Global Call Paris what it really is...

Bjørn Lomborg: Get The Facts Straight

Don Surber: Brexit and No Lines

CNN: End Of The World!!!

Polar Bear Praying, probably not about the Paris Treaty...

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