Friday, March 24, 2017

Chris Kimball's Salmon and Arugula Avacado Salad

I am a fan of Chris Kimball's science behind the cooking demonstrations. Last year Kimball got ousted at American Test Kitchen. I have been checking out Kimball's new venture Milk Street and so far like what I see.  

Not a lot of science to the salad above. It is pretty straight forward and simple to make. As noted 'hot smoked" salmon is not referring to spice but the temperature of the smoke. Unlike lox (which is cold smoked), the salmon is actually cooked. 

This salad recipe you could totally play with, just based on what turns you on. Not all experiments work, but improv (especially when you are not hosting a dinner party that night) is exciting. I am not slavish with recipes, I often change course based on what is in season (or what is on sale that day) or the appearance and quality of ingredients available. 

Milk Street: FAQ

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