Saturday, February 4, 2017

Will Donald Trump be proven right?

A Federal Judge in Seattle (at least temporarily) stops Trump's extreme vetting executive order. Muslims from the listed countries rush to come to the USA.  Powerline ponders the Louvre Attack and the Temporary Partial Travel Stay.

There were some political and technical flaws with the executive order, but the suggestion that the President can't do this makes no sense (at least from what I saw Barack Obama and others do before Trump came on the scene). Since this is likely going up (eventually) to the Supreme Court, we will certainly hear more about it (and by then Neil Gorsuch should be on the bench).

Yet will all the overwhelmingly negative take of Trump's executive order in the media, a plurality of Americans (49%) still support it (41% oppose it). As you can guess, it is strongly supported by Republicans and strongly opposed by Democrats. Independents break about 60% in favor of Trump's position. Don't Democrats get why people support this? Trump support may be even greater than reported.

I really do not want to see Trump proven right with a terrorist attack from one of the listed countries (although we all recognize more terrorist attacks will come). We face a significant risk from travelers from Muslim majority countries that are not listed.  Further, with the open immigration in Europe that happened over the last few years, we real risk from European nationals coming in.  And let's not forget those who are citizens or residents of the USA who self radicalize here (sometimes with little advance warning).

The political arguments pro and con are dwarfed by the real risk we all face. This is a significant problem that is not going away.

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  1. That's an Al Reuters poll, so I wouldn't take it seriously until somebody runs the crosstabs.

    The PPP poll on this oversampled Demos by 10 points.

    1. That's part of the point ed, the poll is still in Trump's favor.

      Because most people get that the rights of foreigners from countries that are overtly hostile to us (who as a matter of law do not have constitutional rights outside the USA) do not trump (no pun intended) the rights of citizens. Now I am not sure merely vetting them at the airport is going to cut it--but it is a start. We need way more intelligence, profiling like the Israelis do, and controls on visa entrants once they are in the USA (such as tracking and enforcing exits on visas).


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