Saturday, January 28, 2017

Leftists freaking out about Syrian Refugees today are hypocrites and liars...

Those on the left freaking out today over President Trump's executive order temporarily banning refugees from Syria can go, with all due respect, GF themselves. They were silent as Christians and other religious minorities were left to die in Syria and Iraq at the hands of ISIS (and sometimes our supposed allies we were supporting) when Barack Obama was in charge. As Elliot Abrams in Newsweek noted in September: The Obama Administration effectively bars Christian, but not Muslim refugees from Syria. 

Trump is flipping that policy, making the emphasis on bringing in Christian refugees.  This makes sense for several good reasons: 1) Christians are targeted for the harshest treatment by ISIS in Syria, 2) Christian refugees are easier to vet for safety coming to the United States, 3) Christian refugees are easier to assimilate in the United States, and 4) Barack Obama over favored Muslim Syrians for years, so it fairer to focus now on Christians.  I would also encourage our refugee police to embrace bringing in other religious minorities facing persecution and death at the hands of ISIS.  

And leftists, do not keep bringing up Anne Frank and Jews fleeing the Nazis. Your Democrat hero Franklin Delano Roosevelt did very little to help Jewish refugees into the USA. European Jews were also a zero threat on becoming terrorists once they got here. FDR also could have done far more to disrupt and slow the Holocaust. 

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