Friday, February 3, 2017

Eastern Lowland Gorilla populations plunge, environmentalists indifferent...

Now environmentalists pretend they care, but they don't.  If they really cared they would spend a fraction of the energy they expend on climate change on trying to preserve gorilla and other wildlife habitat in Africa.  The only way to do it is to make it worth the while of African people in those countries to preserve wild life in their countries.  

Tourism is part of it. Economic aid to fund rangers and park officials to protect wildlife is another.  We can condition other aid, in the form of money, on wildlife being protected.  

So while African hunters shoot gorillas and chimps for 'bush meat' and steal baby chimps to sell to high paying buyers in the Gulf States and China, the media only freaks if some American dentist shoots a lion on safari or some Texan shoots an old bull rhino (after paying conservation groups $350,000 to do so).  

Environmentalists in the west? They only seek to damage Western civilization (while ironically soliciting donations from wealthy westerners).  

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