Friday, June 3, 2016

If people really care about wildlife in Africa, they need to take steps to preserve wildlife and wildlife habitat in Africa

If you want to protect wildlife in Africa (and other places) create a financial incentive to people in those countries to protect those animals.  Against hunting? That is actually a misplaced sentiment if you really care about these animals continuing to live in Africa, but you better put your money where your mouth is.  

Go visit and spend money there. Give local Africans an economic incentive to preserve habitat. Send money to help support the parks and the anti poaching efforts. 

 This is probably farther north (since that looks like Kilimanjaro in the photo) but a nice photograph

 Going and visiting helps (it bring cash to countries and incentives to save habitat)

And I agree with SooperMexican, this is the best debate over the Harambe gorilla story (and I think Quanell X is making awesome points):

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