Sunday, May 29, 2016

Harambe the Western Lowland Gorilla RIP (shot because a four year old kid fell into his enclosure)

Harambe is no longer with us

Harambe was shot

The Last Tradition: Parents of 4 year old boy could be charged?

DRUDGE REPORT: Murdered?  I am not sure I would use that word--it is a sad event that should not have happened in the first place (although Ohio officials are very shoot first when it comes to animals). What is wrong with Ohio (worst state ever)?

Allahpundit: Sad, but probably justified

Easy for this "expert" to say  Same for these celebrity know it alls. I am sickened by the death of this ape. He might not have hurt the boy or he might have killed him. If it were your child, what would you have done (other than not letting him climb into that enclosure in the first place).  But I am not going to second guess zoo officials when put in a decision that had to be made immediately (even if it's in trigger happy Ohio). And we are not seeking the whole video when Harambe was getting agitated and starting dragging the boy all over the enclosure.

Instapundit: Jack Hanna says gorilla would have killed boy

National Review: Harambe had to die

American Power Blog: Blaming the parents for Harambe's death

EBL: Trump and Hillary and Gorilla Questions and Gal and Gorilla Rule 5

Hot Air: Are the police really going to press charges? Probably not, but remember this is Ohio.

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