Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Trump Derangement Syndrome: Think Progress' Ned Resnikoff Fears His Plumber Because He Might Have Voted For Trump...

I thought this was a parody at first, but it's (sadly) not. Ned Resnikoff will have to fight his first instinct: knitting a pink pussy hat and protesting the Trump inaugural in D.C. will not help.

First step in addressing something like this is admitting you have a problem (Ned Resnikoff almost did that at first, but then tries to justify his own irrational fears as something Trump voters projected onto him). Second step is to binge watching Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs every chance he gets. He really needs to build his psyche (and male vocabulary) up a bit. Third step is Ned actually getting out of his Pauline Kael bubble and meeting and listening to some Trump voters and find out why they did vote for him.

He might learn something, both about them and about himself.

Instapundit: I love America, it is Americans I hate (sounds like our guy Ned), Lefties: Racist and ignorant is no way to go through life..., who you gonna believe, Cory Booker or your own lyin' eyes, Openly peddling racism, Sessions slandered by people who were long time Senate Democrats collaborators with him (hey, it's not personal, strictly business)

TOM: Black Feminists apparently find White Feminists annoying too and Ned, there are people you should worry about coming into your home...

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Michelle Malkin: Flip flopping Cory Booker

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  1. Ned fears himself. He knows if he could treat Trump voters they way he wanted it; it would be horrible. So he projects his views on to others, and assumes they would treat him as he would treat others if given the chance.

  2. Trump may not be the best president, but he is certainly the funniest, expecially through "contact" comedy such as this Ned. He's never even met Trump and he is already 1000% funnier


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