Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tilikum the Orca RIP

I only disagree with Jazz Shaw on any large animals being kept in zoos or maintained game park facilities.  Some like rhinoceros, tiger subspecies, and other highly en-dangered mega fauna will go extinct without man's assistance. It is a case by case thing, with preserving habitat and using zoo animals to raise awareness. I concur they should be kept in enclosures that are large and varied enough so they don't become psychotic. Good conservation is also compatible with pro economic growth.  

And while many hate circuses, there is a also case to be made that animals that are kept in captivity need to be given something to do. I am not talking about places like SeaWorld or this particular zoo, but keeping animals engaged helps maintain their mental health.   

I especially hate all the money wasted on climate change/global warming. The emphasis should be on habitat preservation and stopping illegal hunting.  Unlike terrestrial species, Orcas have plenty of habitat (like 70% of the planet, although they tend to be in cooler waters) but they need to be protected from over fishing (leaving them no food to eat), boat traffic, and pollution. I am also opposed to whaling, other than tribal peoples doing it traditionally. Because of the nature of the oceans, some regulations and treaties are probably justified (that is not a call for big government, just recognizing the need for some government).  

Keeping orcas in small enclosures is inhumane. Which is why Tilikum turned into a psychotic killer. Best to let this zoological experiment die out.

EBL: Remember when this ORCA died?


  1. I like Sea World and the Shamu shows. While I understand the notion of not keeping large things in small enclosures, and a Killer Whale usually migrates over thousands of miles; I don't think people would understand Killer Whales as intelligent creatures without the shows put on by Sea World.

    I think Steve Irwin said it well when he said (paraphrasing) when people understand animals, they tend to care about them and not just kill them.

    That said, there is a reasonable argument that circus and zoos (particularly aquatic zoos) are antiquated. They allowed people to encounter animals they normally would never see. Now, they can tune into NatGeoWild and AnimalPlanet and learn about animals. You still need a circus or zoo for most to experience an animal in life, but the settings are so artificial to give a false understanding of the animal.

    1. There is an argument to be made, especially for rescue seals, otters, and other smaller marine mammals to be used as cultural and species ambassadors at aquariums. The problem with orcas is they are so big and their enclosures would really have to be of a giant scale to give them ample space.


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