Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The answer to Secret Service Agent Kerry O'Grady is obvious...

Ms. O'Grady is entitled to her view, but being a Secret Service Agent requires a willingness to take a bullet and put your life on the line for any person you are charged to protect. That's the job. She has publicly stated she cannot do that. I have heard Trump utter the words "You're Fired" before and in this case she should be hearing that phrase from her immediate supervisor.  

I am all for free speech, but Secret Service agents saying they won't take a bullet for the President (or anyone they are charged to protect) crosses a line. Free speech does not mean you are free of consequences for what you do say.

And the honorable thing, if defending Trump was intolerable, would have been to resign. She did not do that, instead deciding to make a political statement. For that she should be fired for cause. Why do I have the feeling this is a set up for a wrongful termination lawsuit?

Instapundit: Ed is right but it more than "reconsidering her job" what she did is a firing offense given the critical nature of her job and Glenn Reynolds is right: What happened to impartial public servants doing their jobs?

Rush Limbaugh: Trump only has us to defend him (Rush did not realize that applies to Secret Service too)

Daily Caller: She does not have to go to jail, just not come into work...forever.

Lem's Place: She will look the other way?

AoSHQ: Fire. Her. Ass

Wombat: Twitchy: Senior Secret Service Officer In Hot Water Over Facebook Post

American Power Blog: Secret Service Agent Kerry O'Grady won't 'Take a Bullet' for President Trump


  1. When you take a one of these assignments, you leave your politics inside. That is what a professional does, Army Officers, SOF types, and Secret Service (especially) are absolutely not to be political. The fact the women even has an active FB page and is in leadership with SS says all I need to know about the women. Jail, and no retirement. Far better men have done far less and lost more. Imagine, if this was during Obama. Plenty of us had to eat our thoughts until we had ulcers over that presidency, but we did it. She needs to be reminded.

  2. I stated elsewhere, so will say here; I don't care if she is willing to take a bullet or not. I think that talk is so much dramatization. No doubt, law enforcement, first responders, and the military men and women put their lives on the line to save others; but none of them do their jobs by intentionally planning to sacrifice their lives. In the event of a shooter trying to assassinate the President with a gun, I want the Secret Service sending bullets and not taking them. But I will amend this view to note that Ms. O'Grady's comments are really a metaphor to the notion that she wouldn't do her job to protect a President Trump.

    But she makes it clear she is aware, and doesn't care about violating the Hatch Act. The Secret Service is first a law enforcement agency, which happens to have a special role to defend the President. She is willing to violate the law for the purpose of telling us she won't do her job. I'm tired of these bureaucrats abusing their positions for partisan gains, and I hope Trump fires every one of them.

    1. The reason the "taking the bullet" statement matters for her is she is in the Secret Service. Their whole job (other than combating counterfeiting) is to protest the President of the United States and other politicians. O'Grady is not just some flunky agent, she is high up in a field office in a major city. She needs to be taking off duty and eventually canned, preferably for cause.

    2. This left wing agent (?) Must be terminated and her denied her pension nothing else need be done to her. But, termination and pension denial are warrented in this matter.

  3. Please can her no-good behind. Admitting she won't do her job. She's reprehensible.

  4. It's this simple:
    1. Official OIG Investigation
    2: Violation of the Hatch Act
    3. Termination!!

  5. She is a disgrace to her agency. Poor example as a leader. Its like a leading officer on the battlefield who throws down their weapon and runs, then brags about it on social media. She appears to have been in Denver, Colorado office most of her career. I would mandate a drug screening first and move he from the leadership position, while investigating, to see what actions to impose!!! She may have infected that whole department.

  6. Violated the Oath of Office and made apolitical statement, she needs to be fired,no pension, no soup, no free service

  7. Fire her! No one can take the chance she will not do her job. The job should prevail over politics!

  8. Obviosly her word means nothing,having sworn an oath to God and country to protect not only the men and women of America but the President; she chose to go back on her word therefor abandoning her platform and tarnishing her reputation as a trustworthy individual. Start a petition to fire this lying B****

  9. Not only fire her but lets make sn example of her.. she is a true cunt

  10. SHE MUST BE FIRED! Reprehensible, arrogant, self-serving disgrace to the Secret Service. What is this country coming to? She should have been fired on the spot!!!


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