Thursday, January 26, 2017

State Department Officials Resign Over Trump? Update: Or were they fired and there are just four of them?

Anyone who has spent some time around State Department personnel knows, many of them (not all) are despicable lefty lifers who are contemptuous to American values and interests. They think they are above mere politicians, let alone American citizens. Do you want to guess which ones are leaving the State Department over Rex Tillerson and Donald Trump?  

Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out! I doubt there is a lot of courage in this decision. They are probably all eligible for retirement and going out to try to score consulting and lobbying gigs.  

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  1. The were asked for their resignations. He cleaned out some of the tops at U.S. Border Patrol. Good thing about the cuts at State is huge staffs go out with them. That's critical because it's the rank and file that are so difficult to dig out and reform. Carter removed individuals, Trump is firing their staff members, too. These folks didn't leave over Trump or Tillerman, they were fired.

    1. Trump asked four officials (at least according to CNN) to leave. It sounds like a lot more opted to leave on their own. An incoming administration can fire only certain positions at will.But whether they were fired or quit, we are better off without them.

    2. If this is only four discretionary positions that were asked to get out, talk about a completely Fake News story by the media. The more the merrier, you get better grapes when you prune the hell out of the vines.

  2. I doubt the exodus is as mass as I would hope. So far, it seems like just 4 left; which is hardly a start in my book. Heck, Obama and Hillary let that many die while they slept.


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