Thursday, January 26, 2017

Good negotiation involves understanding the motivations of who you are negotiating with...

Donald Trump can certainly be an a****** on occasion (we all knew that going in), but when it comes to understanding human condition and motivation in an objective way he is way more astute than Barack Obama. And that is why he is playing with his opponents (more often than not) like a cat with a...🐁

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I recognize Mexicans (and neighboring Central and South countries) are sensitive about North American bullying. But I also recognize Trump is no fool when it comes to negotiating, he knows it is carrots and sticks. And being respectful to Mexico does not mean we have to tolerate Mexico ignoring our borders.  

The "wall" is one aspect of border security. We also need to start enforcing our existing laws and coming up with a system to track visa overstays (almost half of illegal immigration are people who fly into the USA and overstay their visas). We need to start fining employers who hire illegals (in a way that makes hiring illegals not worth the trouble). Efforts to deport illegals needs to start with criminals. We do those things and you mostly solve the immigration issue.  

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