Friday, January 6, 2017

Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport: Breaking News Update: Is Shooter a Terrorist, Mentally Ill, a bit of both?

Obviously breaking news, there is not a lot of solid information yet...

Update: DRUDGE REPORT: Daily Mail: Five dead, six injured

DRUDGE REPORT: Shooter from NJ?

Head Case(?): Child pron and ISIS?

Islam Convert?

AoSHQ may very well be right.  Of course we all think or suspect that (although it could be crazied individual too and bagage claim is not a secured area), but we will get confirmation soon enough.

Update: It is looking like this shooter was known to authorities. While probably not what you would call a typical Jihadi terrorist, he was certainly giving signs of mental unstableness (by claiming he was being forced to fight for ISIS by voices in his head).  While they directed him to mental health counseling, it was obviously not enough.

Mark Steyn: Identity politics and de-humanization

Instapundit: Shooter converted to Islam (and for some reason the media is not reporting it), It's been a bad year for the FBIKnown Wolf Syndrome Strikes AgainShooter walked into FBI office saying he was being forced to fight for ISISPJM live feedAri Fleischer was at the airport during the shooting

Lem's Place: NJ Shooter in Custody

Heavy: Fort Lauderdale Shooting

TOM: FLL Shooting Massacre

The Blaze: Shooter ID'd

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