Saturday, January 7, 2017

Malicious Prosecution Suit Goes Forward Against Baltimore Freddie Gray Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby...

Prosecutorial immunity is over broad and creates way more harm that it helps. Rogue prosecutors should be subject to civil liability (on a higher standard than negligence) when the facts and evidence support it.  And what Marilyn Mosby did in the Freddie Gray case, prosecuting cops on weak evidence for her own short term political benefit was wrong (and in my opinion she should be held liable for the harm she did). It was similar to what Michael Nifong did in the Duke case.

When these high emotional cases get brought, it is important for prosectors to be even more careful going forward. Rather than doing a full investigation and letting the evidence dictate whether the case should go forward or not, she rushed to go after those cops.

Legal Insurrection: Should hate be a separate category of crime? Different issue, but similarly high emotions and outrage in that case (although the culpability and depravity of the accuseds in that Chicago case are absolutely clear). No, 'hate' is too subjective should not be a separate category of crime. When the facts are really bad, Judges and Juries should have lee way to impose harsher sentences. Rather than these hate crimes, we need more objective criteria. I agree with Jazz Shaw on this.

Legal Insurrection: It wasn't supposed to go this way for Marilyn Mosby and Cops suing Marilyn Mosby for Malicious Prosection and other claims

EBL: Mosby Flailing Around and The Mosby Prosecution Circus Continues

Jazz Shaw: Yes a long shot, but still moving forward...

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  1. Oh, she was the star of the show. Lots of lovely Groid attitude, the hair flips, an obnoxious critter. She was warned to bag the whole thing, but she forced it to court. What wasn't dismissed by Grand Jury was killed by judges. She did it for the attention, social justice, but not as a reasonable criminal case. So yeah! Disbar her for say, 5 years and make her pay the expenses of the trials. Then let each cop sue her.


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