Sunday, January 8, 2017

Nat Hentoff RIP

Village Voice: Nat Hentoff, Dead at 91

Nat Hentoff is hard to pin down.  He was of the left, but far more libertarian than many on the left.  He railed against political correctness and was very pro free speech (the 1st amendment is the most important safeguard in the Constitution).

Nat Hentoff was also a leftist secularist who was pro life. That position from was not without consequences.

God knows we need more pundits like Nat (from all political and cultural persuasions) when it comes to the First Amendment and our Constitutional Rights and Protections. Rest in peace Nat.

Wesley J. Smith/NRO:  Nat Hentoff, Memory Eternal

Why we need more people like Nat Hentoff: Social Justice Warriors and Free Speech attacks never sleep:

EBL: Too Triggering, Why does the Left hate Milo YiannopoulosStay Gold S.E. Hinton, Ellen Pompeo gets a taste of SJW outrage

Smitty: It as though the left is neither creative or procreative...

Babalú Blog: Hentoff would have been targeted as a counter revolutionary in Cuba and RIP Nat Hentoff: the Cuban people lost a real friend

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