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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Did Lindsay Lohan Convert To Islam? And why does it matter?

Ok, I get Lindsay Lohan has demons. She grew up in a broken home and was pushed into show business by her parents. Her past drug and alcohol abuse definitely did not help. So she may have converted to Islam?  Or is this just a political statement, intended to keep her in the public eye?

Stacy McCain may have nailed it below:

TOM: Lindsay Lohan's Muslim Conversion and Understanding 21st Century Oikophobia

So do I care if Lindsay Lohan is a Muslim, not really. She's an adult and can do as she likes.  But as an example of the growing trend by some youth to reject Western Civilization and culture, it is troubling. Why go there?


  1. Probably just another ploy for attention. That's the most likely scenario. If real, this will not end well because this tragic creature has no boundaries at all and will violate any number of holy no-no's and get her head cut off or be stoned to death or some other hideous state-run demise, which, on reflection, might be less painful overall than wasting away as a result of her various addictions and other self destructive behaviors but will ultimately be outsourcing what's left of her autonomy.

  2. I suspect it is attention seeking. If fake, I wonder if she will get the Hebdo treatment in terms of shaming for mocking Islam. If real, I wonder when she falls of the wagon, if she will get the Hebdo treatment for mocking Islam.

  3. Deep down, kids want order and some discipline in their lives. A lot of stories came out of the Vietnam War of kids who were given some responsibility, and rules, and, eventually respect, and they thrived on it.

    They know they need boundaries, so some flock to this sort of thing.

    1. Truth in what you just said. But Islam? If you are a serious Catholic, Protestant or Jew, there are plenty of boundaries.

    2. Good point, but the kids who seek Islam never had boundaries.

      They were brought up to think Western religion is for idiots and many denominations abet that view.


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