Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cyd Charisse: Singing In The Rain


  1. Kind of veinie and muscular for a chick of that day. Evil One, saw Alenis Morissette got trimmed 5 million by her manager.

    I was kinda glad, because she's a big Hillary fan, not to mention friends with Larry David and RFK Junior, who I also despise. Ever do the 5 O'Clock Charlie thing on her? She's too ugly, right? In any case, she's an old liberal slag by now. I think she did about three songs of her own and she used to cover Joan Baez songs naked in dive bars, kind of like the AIDS chick in Forrest Gump, right?

    1. Cyd Charisse was a girl from Amarillo who had to dance. Sure she was muscular, she was an athlete, but you gotta appreciate those legs.

      I head about Morissette and her manager (not the first time something like that has happened). If you want a Fiver on her, ok.

  2. Cyd Charisse was something else, indeed. Those legs. Yowza.


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