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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Democrats really think this get them back into power?

If you Democrats want Trump to win re-election, more of this please...

This diatribe is a motivational speech for Trump supporters

Occupy Democrats by the way was started in 2012 by Rafael and Omar Rivero and is a merger of lefty Democrats with the various George Soros "Occupy" funded groups. They say they are anti Trump, but they got started long before Trump was ever a serious contender in the 2016 race. What they are about is promoting a progressive leftist Soros-style agenda.  

In the 2016 primary race, Occupy Democrats went heavy for Bernie Sanders. When Bernie got forced out by Hillary, they went anti Trump.

TOM: Feminism is a hate movementPhallic issues, and Furry Freaks in Pennsylvania (bet they are Democrat voters)

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