Friday, November 11, 2016

ABC News' George Stephanopoulos already talking about impeaching Donald Trump

NewsBusters: That didn't take long (you'd think they would let Trump get sworn in first)
And it is not just George Stephanopoulos and ABC News...

That is George Stephanopoulos. The Clinton defeat will hit him especially hard. Fortunately management at ABC News are "fellow travelers" who will give George cover.  So he'll survive.  

And apparently George's wife's promise to move to New Zealand is not going to happen (even though him and Robert Reich might be mistaken for a pair of wayward Hobbits if they did go).  

TOM: Warn your kids not to apply to GWU (unfortunately, this sort of nonsense happens at almost all private universities and many public ones too).  

Powerline: NYT still delusional


  1. Steffi forgets Trump is smarter than most Lefties, as are the people who voted for him.


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