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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Slate's Michelle Goldberg says Juanita Broaddick's Rape Accusations Against Bill Clinton Are Credible?

Granted Michelle Goldberg has to make it very clear she does not trust Donald Trump and considers him a potential rapist too, but wow. Goldberg thinks that Bill Clinton being a potential rapist is no big deal as to Hillary Clinton.  

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  1. I saw some comments about Joy Behar needing to apologize for her comment that Trump supporters are tramps. I recall that some other View presenters have noted that rape is somethings not rape, as in rape rape. And then there is the famous, metal doesn't burn thus World Trade Center had to be a controlled explosion. These people are insulting, yet they are still paid to continue insulting their viewers.

    The accusation against Bill Clinton come from multiple women. The whole issue about Monica was his testimony under oath that he never had relations with coworkers; and yet he was when he provided the testimony. The testimony was for a civil case in which Clinton was being sued for harassing a woman. The court found the claim credible. So yeah, other claims seem to be credible as well.


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