Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Punch Back Twice As Hard: GOPe and #NeverTrumpers freak when Kellanne Conway threatens to name names...

 AoSHQ: Kellyanne Conway says there are lots of gropey grabby member of Congress on both sides of the isle who she can name if push comes to shove...

EBL: I have special contempt for our GOP Elites

DRUDGE REPORTThe Media smell Republican blood

Instapundit: The Wages of WrongThinkGangster GovernmentIt pays to be in government (really well), Joy Behar calls Bill Clinton's victims "Tramps"

Rush Limabaugh's posts from yesterday are crammed packed with great stuff: This is what it looks like when you take on the Establishment, They thought they could destroy Trump at the debate and they failed, Spare us the phony outrage liberals, What good are we if we can't unite to fight Democrats?, CNN warned Trump: Don't go there, Millennials now know about Hillary's war on women, the bombshells in Hillary's Wall Street speeches, and Keep Fighting

Rule 5 and FMJRA

DRUDGE REPORT: There is a LOT of coordination between Media and Team Hillary

Instapundit: Media Moderator Bias: John Harwood gloats about hurting Trump and Billy Bush

AoSHQ: How half of GOP morphed into hard core feminist SJWs, Many in GOP might as well be liberal leftist SJWs, and Trump starts #NeverRyan movement

Rush Limbaugh: Rush has never seen a media Dem assault like thisLibs trash Clinton victims, Republicans don't want to win, John Harwood: Democrat Operative, more Wikileaks, Media declares Trump is finished (Limbaugh is next)

TOM: Never Trust A Male Feminist and Buddhist Witch Project

American Power Blog: Wishy Washy GOPe


  1. The sad part is I think the damage is completely done now to Trump's campaign, and worse, Ryan's action will assure a backlash from Trump supporters in the down ballots. RCP was already showing Dems gaining in the Senate, but if Ryan's tactic actually works; I think the combination of it and the backlash will cause the Senate to be lost. That's free a path for Hillary's Supreme Court nominations, ambassadors, and department heads. Plus, she is free of any consequences from an impeachment, just like her husband.

    It really is stunning when you think about how stupid the GOPe is. Always the stupid party, but it used to be stupid because they couldn't defend themselves. Now they are sabotaging the whole system because the system didn't go their way. Well, it didn't go their way in 2012 either, we lost the Presidency thought they got Romney on the ticket. It didn't got their way in 2008, though they got McCain. So now they got Trump, and they decided to burn it down.

    Ok fine. But it will be a long time before the coalition will ever be rebuilt.

  2. I fear you are correct. Good takes. Problem goes way back in that the Republicans were infected with those comfortable with the Democrat agenda after Reagan's day. They got their amnesty and started right back in not deporting. There will be no resurgence, as the demographics change, the Republican/Conservative/Constitutional interest will cease to exist, probably in 2025 after the 2024 Presidential and Hill elections. As the years go on, the Republican interest will simply be pounded out. This year? Whether they're just talking the feminist talking points and intend to still vote Trump when they get in the booth, who knows? Sander's people? Who knows? Men? Who knows?

    But yeah, it's all over but the watching and waiting.


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