Thursday, September 1, 2016

Separated at Birth: Hil-Jeb!

Instapundit: Hil-Jeb!

The Jeb!-ification of Hillary. To be fair though, Jeb! always dressed better than Hillary.  

These Fresnel prism glasses were not a fashion pick

And Jeb! was not in poor health

American Thinker: Hillary At Bay?

American Power Blog: Trump's Arizona Speech and Mexico Victory

Flashback: The Daily Beast: Is Hillary Clinton the Jeb Bush of the Left? 

Instapundit: Trump held more press conferences in Mexico than Hillary held in the USA (why the media silence, they are dem operatives with bylines), Top Jeb! Donor now with Clinton and Colin Kaepernick: Oh by the way, Hillary should be in jail


  1. JEB is such a pussy. Those prismatic fresnel lenses she wears mean brain damage-induced double vision. You folks won't get that from the Washington Post. They're going to drug and push her across the finish line if it kills her. Like BlackLivesMatter, we're going to see next-to-nothing of her until she's dead. If I had a death pool going for Hillary, I'd say a stoke finishes her off by say, 24October16. Figure if she DID make it, Bill would be her Eleanor Roosevelt, her Nancy Reagan. She ain't gonna make it. The drinking, the drugs, her lousy state of health, she's too big a mess to handle all this. You heard it here first.

    1. I am not sure I heard it all from you first (other than your dead pool pick date), but I mostly concur with your assessment!


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