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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Annoying Social Justice Warriors and Cultural Appropriation Rule 5

Cultural Appropriation! This can't be a crime?

There aren't many things quite as annoying as a drunk social justice warrior out on the weekend. The video from Heat Street is just amazing. The Lyft driver did get fired for a few days, but they hired him back after seeing the abuse inflicted on him by this self appointed SJW Annaliese Nielsen (Ms. Nielsen is also dumber than a box of rocks).  

Never miss an opportunity for a Rule 5 post and to annoy SJW, so I am engaging in some cultural appropriation from the "Continent of Hawaii" as Ms. Nielsen calls it. In addition to Hula dashboard statuary I am also throwing in some lamps too, because vintage hula lamps are awesome!

Wombat: Brandon Morse/Redstate: That Lyft driver showed us how to deal with SJW bullies

Need a Halloween costume idea to piss off SJWs?

Here is an older hula lady dashboard

Rule 5 and FMJRA

TOM: Feminists Are Lying HypocritesCreepy Gay Surrogate Brokers, and Surrogate Mom Abuse By Gay Baby Surrogate Brokers (maybe some SJWs can make themselves useful and help save some real women)

RedState: YouTube censors criticism of annoying SJW over Lyft Hula controvery

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