Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hoboken, New Jersey Transit Train Crash

We are in the early stages and this is a breaking story. First responders are dealing with the wounded and killed. The real question remaining to be answered is why did the trail barrel into the station without breaking?  We do not know yet. 

Instapundit: Accident or Terrorism?Multiple injuries, possible fatalities in Hoboken train crash

Rush Limbaugh: Nancy Pelosi blames the GOP for the train crash

TOM: Murder City USA (way worse than a Hoboken train wreck)

Heavy: Fabiola Bitter de Kroon (she was killed in crash)


  1. That would be 'braking', not breaking.

    1. True. There must be more fatalities that have been reported. Not a way to start a Thursday.


    This was worse. Close to where I lived back then. People fried in their train cars. These folks in N.J. were "lucky".

  3. They are still pulling out victims, and already reporters and Nancy Pelosi are blaming the lack of remote train control system and the GOP Congress. I'm so old, I remember hearing how wrong Trump was for calling an obvious explosion in a dumpster a bomb before some other official said it was a bomb.

    I'm barely following, but I'm thinking the 1 dead is probably the engineer.

  4. "Yeah she makes love just like a woman but she brakes like a little girl"


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