Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hillary's New Best Friend Forever Alicia Machado Has Some Serious Baggage

She gained 30+ lbs from when she won in that an issue?

So does Hollywood discriminate against people who are over weight? Television? Who is Hillary Clinton kidding. The Media Industries who are overwhelmingly backing Hillary Clinton's candidacy discriminate on weight all the time. The hypocrisy of this is mind blowing.

So Donald Trump allegedly said mean things to Ms. Machado years ago during her Ms. Universe reign. This happened back in 1996--it is twenty years ago. To quote Andrew Breitbart: So what? 

So if we are going to compare crimes against women, let's compare this to Bill Clinton's history of sexually abusing and raping women (beyond the consensual affairs). Let's compare this to Hillary Clinton covering up and enabling Bill Clinton, for her own political advantage.

And as Instapundit notes, Alicia Machado has personal issues of her own:

In 1998, Machado was accused of driving her boyfriend “from the scene of a shooting,” and the Associated Press subsequently reported a Venezuelan judge said “a former Miss Universe threatened to kill him after he indicted her boyfriend for attempted murder.”

Objectively, be honest, is she too big here to be Ms. Universe? 

 Alicia Machado looks much better now, good for her

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  1. Are you really asking me to objectify a woman? Seriously?

    It's a trap!

    Ok, she's a bit on the plus side to be what I consider a trophy winning model, but if I believed in hall passes, she would be worth the time. Until I learn about the attempted murder threats, in which case I'd go for less drama, fatter or thinner.

  2. I guess Hillary figured if Bill liked them chubby, there wouldn't have been a problem!

    1. Yeah, back in 1996, Monica was probably a bit heftier than Miss Universe; and Bill still stuck his manhood in Monica (supposedly only the mouth, because some how that makes it better for feminists than violating a vagina).

  3. She really gets ugly when she gets fat. Hillary picked a HELL of an example of fine Feminist, Inc. womanhood to hold up as the bastion of innocence and chastity, abused by Trump. This is a woman that has confessed to loving and participating in RAPE SCENES on film and real life.

    Hillary is just a moron. Same brand of moron as the man that said Travon was just like his imaginary son. Who was that again?

  4. Linked to your post. Sums it all nicely!


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