Saturday, September 3, 2016

Donald Trump embraces "Party of Lincoln" Mantle at African American Church in Detroit

Instapundit: The HillWhile Hillary spreads documents, Donald Trump reaches out for black support

Trump is reaching out to black voters and it makes a lot of sense. What do African Americans have to show for throwing in so completely with the Democrats? Not much. What do they have to lose with going with Trump?

It also benefits Republicans to reach out to African American voters and recognize issues important to them and how Republicans can effectively address that. Do black voters want greater government dependency or greater opportunity for jobs and success? Most of them want the latter.

Gateway Pundit: Trump Got A Standing Ovation (crowd was enthusiastic that he came)

EBL: Hillary Clinton: Try To Remember, Labor Day Friday Bombshell: Hillary Clinton Had A Big Fall, Even the Left Can't Stand Her, This Is CNN, Crooked Hillary and the Clinton Crime Foundation used taxpayer money to pay for that unauthorized server

Trump slams crazy Clinton plan to give Detroit jobs to Syrian refugees

Chip Ahoy: Trump at Great Faith Ministries Church, Detroit

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