Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Who Killed Seth Rich?

While Clinton has Gay Hating Orlando Shooting Dad in a seat of honor and the man who may have leaked her emails is conveniently shot down, Hillary pretends outrage over some joke by Trump.  

She is an evil despicable person.  

Legal Insurrection: Hillary is a liar

Instapundit: Roger Simon: Why the mainstream media hates TrumpHillary's Pay To Play Scheme at the State Department, more Clinton corruption revealed, and She Lies (she always has)

Lem's Place: Emails reveal Hillary's Pay to Play Scheme


  1. To be fair, there are probably a large number of people within the DNC that would want the leaker dealt with; including DWS.

    1. Who does DWS work for again? DWS is a capo in the Clinton Crime Family.

  2. Sure, but DWS has plenty of motive, and for that reason, you'd never get a conviction on Clinton.

    1. Do I think Hillary Rotten Clinton actually gave an order to do a hit on Seth Rich? Who knows, but I am guessing probably not. Even if she did, it would probably be impossible to prove. Was DWS involved? Anything is possible. Do the Clintons have orbiting around them creeps who would potentially take out a threat like Seth Rich?

      That is the question. But the Clintons have had dozens of mysterious deaths of people around them over the years...often people who pose a threat to the Clintons. I guess Hillary and Bill are just lucky that way.


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