Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ready For Hillary: Orlando Shooter's Father invited by DNC to attend Hillary Clinton Florida Rally

The media never focused on the fact the Orlando shooter was a registered democrat and Hillary  Clinton supporter.  Could you imagine the uproar if he supported Trump?  Now we have this bizarre scene with the Orlando shooter's father right behind the podium for Hillary.  And he was invited to attend by the DNC.  

Hillary Clinton mentioned families still grieving from Orlando, with the shooter's father in choice seats right behind her. That shows how much she cares. 

I have stopped using the names of mass shooters (terrorists, mad persons, etc.). I am convinced that  beyond evil indoctrination by Islamists groups such as ISIS, media coverage drives these attacks. The attacks need to be addressed, but the names of the killers need not be given attention (even if it is of a notorious kind).  

Instapundit: Imagine if Hillary was a Republican (if she was a Republican she would have been charged criminally), The whole Orlando shooter's father attending the Hillary rally in Florida even worse than you thought, Who is trying to lose this election? BTW, did the FBI ever find the shooter's wife who they "lost" after the attack?  

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  1. This should be made an issue by the GOP(e) for the next few days. Instead, as much as Trump does hurt himself; the GOPe insists on remaining the stupid party. They now are more than willing to admit throwing the election to Hillary. Bottom line, while gays should be concerned with the company Hillary keeps; it turns out today, I recognize the Republican Party does not represent my views.


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