Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trump Tuesday: Barack Obama finally leaves Martha's Vineyard, shamed into putting on down to Louisiana...

Conservative Treehouse: Time to put down the putter...

It is sort of the equivalent of Obama finishing his waffle first (Allahpundit doubted at the time, but that waffle incident actually did say something about Barack Obama's character). Barack Obama is finally heading down to Louisiana to see what happened during the flood.  

Why isn't Crooked Hillary going to Louisiana? Why doesn't she care about Americans in trouble?  Oh wait, not enough potential donors to her favorite charity: Hillary Clinton.  

Instapundit: Glenn Reynolds/USA Today: Lessons of the Cajun Navy: Don't wait for help, be the help

Wombat: The Hugos are dead, long live the Dragons (it's about fiction, like the fiction Obama cares)

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