Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Mystery of Huma Abedin

The Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda Funder Abdullah Omar Naseef

For all the fawning media pieces about Huma Abedin, such as the focus on her fashion sensibilities, her family life in Saudi Arabia gets very little attention.  How did a Muslim girl from a conservative Muslim family in Saudi Arabia (Indian background, with Muslim Brotherhood roots) end up marrying a secular Jew and become the right hand body women to Hillary Clinton?  

Huma Abedin travels to Saudi Arabia, without any overt criticism of her marriage to Anthony Weiner.  Given that it is not allowed for a Muslim woman to marry a Non-Muslim man (especially a Jew), how is that even possible? 

Like Sheikh Qaradawi, who helped write the charter for the IICWC, Saleha Abedin is an influential sharia activist who has, for example, published a book called Women in Islam that claims man-made laws enslave women. It reportedly provides sharia justifications for such practices as female-genital mutilation, the death penalty for apostates from Islam, the legal subordination of women, and the participation of women in violent jihad. Dr. Abedin has nevertheless been hailed in the progressive press as a “leading voice on women’s rights in the Muslim world” (to quote Foreign Policy). What they never quite get around to telling you is that this means “women’s rights” in the repressive sharia context.

NY Post: Huma worked for her mother's magazine for ten years, promoting conservative Islamic relations for women. How does that square with working for feminist Hillary Clinton and being married to Anthony Weiner? 

Yes to even raise the question about Huma Abedin's connections brands one a bigot? Democrats, Liberals and George Soros supporters fall over themselves to defend her.  

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I also finally got to see Weiner on Netflix.  It is an interesting and fascinating documentary and I recommend you put it on your queue. Beyond Anthony Weiner being a completely out of control Democrat serial liar who betrays everyone around him, it is revealing to see Huma Abedin under scrutiny. 

While I thought I would be sympathetic to the public embarrassment and humiliation caused by her husband, Huma's emotional reactions (from my observation) were strange. She is a very calculating individual who seemed less emotional upset that her husband engaged in reckless sexting, but more contemptuous he could be so politically stupid.

She has a child with this creep. Yet she is now spending all her time on the road supporting and promoting Hillary Clinton (leaving young Jordan in the care of a father who has a track record of being easily distracted). Huma shifted from one narcissist to another.  

There is a political lesson in Weiner too. They focus in the documentary on that exchange Weiner had with an Orthodox Jewish man in a bakery.  It was widely reported at the time (even I did a post on it). Obviously Anthony Weiner was already melting down at this point of the campaign, but this exchange makes Anthony Weiner look like a complete jackass. If you are in a close race be-careful getting in arguments critics with the media present. 


  1. The parents, uncles and various others in this inbred, terrorist cell-supporting family were furious she married Weiner. He was a Congressman then, they were quite the power couple back then. Furious even more when he repeatedly was caught with his pants down, waving his junk. The family begged her to dump him when the perversions came out and of course, she refused. There's a fatwa (religious order) floating around Pakistan, Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia somewhere over there anyway, ordering her killing to "honor" the family. Reason #1 Was for marrying the Jew Weiner, staying with him after the perversions and then having his baby. Reason #2 was her participation in the U.S. Government that murders Muslims worldwide. Heck, even Obama's father was Muslim, making Obama, by tradition (we respect traditions of diversity, right?), a Muslim. Radicals also consider Obama a traitor to the faith, but I'd say that with HIS Muslim personal assistant Valerie Jarret, born in Shiraz, Iran and the good deals he throws to all the countries of his faith, the White House is well and truly infiltrated and that condition will only be enhanced when Huma is Chief of Staff for Hillary. Bad. Very, very bad.

    1. Do you have links for the Abedin family opposing the wedding with Weiner or wanting her to leave him after the sexting event? I would be interested in seeing it.

  2. The picture you're using of a chef - that's not Huma Abedin.


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